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About me

  • Immigrated to Canada 33 years ago at the age of 19
  • High School from London, Ontario
  • York University Alumnus
  • Resident of Peel for last 22 years
  • A family man with strong Christian beliefs and married for 24 years with 2 children
  • Entrepreneur of Kokkadens Group of Companies ( Coconut Grove Foods, Taste of Malayalees, Kerala Curry House & Choice Homes Realty Inc )
  • Owner and Broker of Record of Choice Homes Realty Inc
  • Active Committee member of Toronto Malayalee Samajam
  • Board of Trustee of Federation of Kerala Association in North America ( FOKANA )
  • Former President and Secretary of Toronto Malayalee Samajam 
  • Former General Secretary of Federation of Kerala Association in North America ( FOKANA )
  • Former Trustee ( Kaikkaran ) of St. Alphonso Syro Malabar Cathedral , Mississauga
  • Well known personality the community

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